How It Works

Getting Started

Our website is laid out by adult brushes, electric toothbrush replacement heads, and kids brushes. Once you have selected your brush of choice, proceed to the next page where you can select anything you like to compliment your brush. Wether that be toothpaste, floss, or a combination of both. You can add as much as you like per brush without a limit! Next, choose the frequency of how often we ship your selected products out to you. Times are available starting as frequent as every month, up to twice a year.

Maintaining Your Plan

That's the beauty of a ToothbrushHub Subscription. Once you set yourself up to receive our brand name brushes at the interval you choose, you do not need to service your account again unless you would like to make a change. Otherwise, we will keep shipping your selected products to you until you revise or tell us to stop.


"These plans all look great, but I want to add more brushes for my wife and kids." No problem! Once you have selected the first toothbrush, any toothpaste and/or floss, continue on to the cart and select "Add more items." You can now repeat the process for each person in your family! No additional shipping charges. Just a whole bunch of mouth freshness coming your way!

Worry No More

Congratulations! You are now worry free! Well, almost. At least your dental products are worry free. Your brushes will show up on time, as expected, and with the name brands you know and love.

I hate this.

We are sorry you don't have the convenience of having your toothbrush delivered to your door to maintain that smile. We don't ever anticipate this happening. But, in the event that you decide you need a break, you can cancel any time under your account page. We don't believe in contracts, cancel any time.

I'm still confused.

No problem, we are here to help! Shoot us your questions or ask one of our customer service members to call you. We are always happy to walk you through whatever confusion or issue you are facing with our website or process. Our email is [email protected].